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Forged in the crucible of addiction recovery

Fueled by the indomitable spirit of my late mother

Revitalized daily by the boundless energy of the West

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Welcome! My name is Kyle Weese, and I am the proud owner of Cardinal Moments Photography. I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me and my mission, and I hope you enjoy the artwork on display.

Welcome to Cardinal Moments Photography.

Where passion meets purpose, and every frame tells a story.

I'm Kyle Weese, the founder and creative force behind this visual journey. At 27, I call Arizona home, but my roots trace back to Ohio, where my love affair with photography began at the age of 13.In those formative years, I found inspiration in the work of Ohio photographer Ray Clark from Second Street Photography. It was a Christmas gift from my unwaveringly supportive mother that placed my first camera in my hands. Since that moment, photography has been not just a craft but a lifeline—a means of self-expression and self-care.My path hasn’t been without its challenges. In my late teens and early twenties, I struggled with drug addiction, a battle that was compounded by a severe car accident. After completing a drug addiction treatment program in 2018, I emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity. My recovery journey has profoundly shaped my view of the world, teaching me to value the fragility and fleeting nature of life.In 2022, I faced another pivotal moment when my mother passed away suddenly due to spindle cell sarcoma. Her passing left a void but also instilled in me an even greater appreciation for the finality and preciousness of life. Her legacy continues to be a guiding force in my work, inspiring me to capture and share the serene moments that nature offers. Through my photography, I aim to celebrate life’s fleeting beauty and encourage others to find solace and joy in the natural world.
Kyle Proposal Project

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